Peninsula Crusher Works is not your average repair shop

Here at Peninsula Crusher Works we rebuild a lot of crushing equipment, but that is only part of the story. From design built chutes, gates and other equipment our in house engineering team loves a challenge. Shown below is a fabricated steel flywheel for a jaw crusher as a direct replacement for the old straight spoke cast iron flywheel. I can assure you this new replacement will not have the same cracking issues that the straight spoke cast iron unit. We don’t just put a band-aid on things, we look at the root cause of the failures and assess whether there is room for improvement.

If you have a application that is giving you trouble, reach out to the Peninsula Crusher Works team.

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Bent, not Broken give them new life! (And put some money back in your pocket)

Shredder screens take a lot of abuse. You do your best to keep big rocks and tramp iron out of your product stream but things happen more often than we would like. Do you have a pile of screens that have life left in them but you can’t use because they are bent? Can’t bear to throw them in the recycling bin, hoping someday you will have a use for them because they are expensive. We can straighten them and save you money. Roughly 1/2 the cost of buying new ones (depending on the severity of damage and what it takes to restore functionality) Give us a call to see if this is an appropriate solution for your operation.

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The busy season is here, and Peninsula Crusher Works is still hot turning rebuilds...

It's the busy time of year. The sun is out and the days are long allowing everyone to maximize their work day. Here at Peninsula Crusher Works we understand the need to maximize the season because it's our busy time of year as well. No matter how busy we are, if you are down we will find the time to get you back up and running. A recent example of this mentality was completing this unscheduled head rebuild in 3 business days. It wasn't part of our plan last week, but the customer needed our help so we made it happen. That's the Peninsula Crusher Works difference!

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Summer is officially here, the sun is out, and there is no time for down time...

During the summer season it is imperative to keep your operation producing. You can't plan for equipment failures, but you can make sure that you have a partner who is willing to go the extra mile to get you back up and running. Peninsula Crusher Works is here to help. While many rebuild companies have to outsource some of the processes required to rebuild your crushing components properly, Peninsula Crusher Works has the equipment and people to take them start to finish under one roof. When you are down, we step up!


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When is the right time to replace equipment when you're busy?

As we roll into summer time most construction industries pick up speed, which insures rock quarries stay extra busy. Six words we hear too often when evaluating projects with our customers this time of year are "we don't have time to be down". At Peninsula Crusher Works we understand the cost of down time. Our team of talented engineers has the ability to design direct replacement components that can be installed with very little impact to production. Our easy to install designs combined with what we would consider to be one of the fastest field take-off teams around keeps the impact to your operation minimal. 


Do you have a chute that is starting to look closer to a patch work quilt than a quality piece of equipment? A crusher platform that is becoming questionable? Don't wait for equipment to fail to the point that it halts or severely impacts your operation. Call the Peninsula Crusher Works team and see how simple the process can be.

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Peninsula Crusher Works design built equipment in action...

Peninsula Crusher Works has multiple in house engineers on staff allowing us to quickly and economically assist you with any design build needs you might have. From simple structural frames to complex gated chutes we are here to help. We always spend the time needed to find out what each individual customer's needs are, as there are no two operations that are exactly the same. Give Peninsula Crusher Works a call on your next project, you won't be disappointed.

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Project Spotlight...

Peninsula Crusher Works is constantly looking at new technologies that allow us to service our customers better. It's often the simple things that can add to up to make a big difference. Investing in tools like this automatic orbital welder allows us to be more creative with our processes. This machine allows us to lay down extremely consistent passes on either an OD or ID surface. Allowing us to run long build up operations without having to subject our team to hazardous and difficult welding positions. This one tool is by no means the answer to every difficult build up operation, but it is one of the many tools we utilize to improve the quality of life for our team members while also provide an extremely nice product for our customers. Sometimes the best way doesn't have to be the hard way!

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Why the details matter...

When it comes to repairing crushers, or any heavy industrial equipment the details matter. At Peninsula Crusher Works we dye penetrant test all of our incoming crushing equipment. Some shops may call it overkill, we call it protecting our customer. The picture shown below is an excellent example of why the details matter. The main crack in this lower frame was visible with the naked eye, but none of the branching cracks could be seen prior to testing. The details are why Peninsula Crusher Works stands behind their work with confidence. Give us a call and experience the Peninsula Crusher Works difference on your next rebuild.

Cautionary Repair.JPG

Working safely and efficiently is the Peninsula Crusher Works way...

Having the right tools to do the job makes all the difference. From the quality of the rebuild to having the capability to do the work in a timely and cost effective manner. Here at Peninsula Crusher Works we have invested heavily in the right equipment to rebuild your machines. From machining equipment to welding positioners; we are set up to handle even the largest crushers safely and efficiently. A great example shown in the picture below is our semi-automatic orbital welder. We use this machine extensively for both ID and OD build ups. Call us and experience the Peninsula Crusher Works difference on your next rebuild project. 

climax cone.jpg

Exceeding Expectations ...

We here at Peninsula Crusher Works take a great deal of pride in the work that we do. From crusher rebuilds to design build work we always make sure we send a product out the door that we would be proud to use ourselves. No matter how big or small we always go the extra mile to ensure our customers are happy with the product they receive. 

Nordberg Rebuild.JPG

Project Spotlight...

New cones are expensive! Before you retire your worn down cones, you should reach out to the Peninsula Crusher Works team and see if we can revive it. Our cone rebuilds cost a fraction of replacing with new, while maintaining the quality standards you require. From threads to bores, we can help!

Cone rebuild.JPG

Peninsula Crusher Works knows cones...

When you send your cone in to be rebuilt at Peninsula Crusher Works you can be assured that you are receiving one of the best rebuilds in the industry. We have years of experience bringing tired cones back to life and putting them back to OEM specs. We have the right tools to do the job; from our 88,000 lb capacity welding positioner to our 20' dia. 250,000 lb capacity vertical boring mill we are set up to do the job right! Give Peninsula Crusher Works a call and see what we can do for you! Phone: 503-286-4461.

MP800 Rebuild.JPG

Featured Project - Design Built Diverter Box & Chute

This heavy duty chute and diverter box combination are ready to be installed at their permanent home in the quarry. From high strength steel outer shells to the AR plate liner systems these units are built to last. Peninsula Crusher Works keeps all of the replaceable liner maps on file making re-ordering your liners a cinch. From the dowel pin locating removable tops to the multi point lifting eyes these units are designed to be worked on in the field safely and efficiently ensuring your team spends less time on maintenance and more time running. Call the Peninsula Crusher Works team and see what we can do for you!

Design-Build Chute Flyer - Shareable.JPG


If you are rehabbing vibratory screens there is only one thing that is guaranteed; you will be getting dirty. That's why we advise our customers to send their screens to us. Working on these units in a controlled environment allows us to complete the rebuilds in a timely and quality fashion. From replacing cross members and other worn out steel sections to setting new crown bars; we are here to make sure your equipment is ready to run when it leaves our building. 

Telsmith rehab.JPG

Peninsula Crusher Works is officially launched!

        The Peninsula Crusher Works brand is now officially launched with the addition of our new website. We are here to service all of your mining equipment rebuild and custom fabrication needs to keep your operation running.

         The chute pictured below is a great example of some of our design build fabrication work. Once fully completed and assembled this unit will be a favorite on site at our customer's mining operation. Every aspect has been designed for ease of maintenance and installation in the field allowing our customer to spend more time processing and less time working on the equipment. 

CP Chute Fab stage 1.JPG