When is the right time to replace equipment when you're busy?

As we roll into summer time most construction industries pick up speed, which insures rock quarries stay extra busy. Six words we hear too often when evaluating projects with our customers this time of year are "we don't have time to be down". At Peninsula Crusher Works we understand the cost of down time. Our team of talented engineers has the ability to design direct replacement components that can be installed with very little impact to production. Our easy to install designs combined with what we would consider to be one of the fastest field take-off teams around keeps the impact to your operation minimal. 


Do you have a chute that is starting to look closer to a patch work quilt than a quality piece of equipment? A crusher platform that is becoming questionable? Don't wait for equipment to fail to the point that it halts or severely impacts your operation. Call the Peninsula Crusher Works team and see how simple the process can be.

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