Peninsula Crusher Works has been family owned & operated since 1917. With our journeyman level machinists & fabricators, custom tooling and in house engineering we have the ability to handle your project from start to finish.

35,000 sq ft of combined shop space and 110,000 lb lifting capacity allows us to handle even the largest components safely and efficiently.

Including but not limited to:

  • Total machine rebuilds
  • New built shafts and rebuilds
  • Bearing fit/repair installations
  • Hard facing
  • Replacement parts
  • Metal fabrication
  • Machining
  • Design/Build services

Peninsula Crusher Works offers a variety of engineered products to support your crushing and mining operations. Our products are second to none in quality and durability. We take pride in designs that are specifically engineered to be easily installed and maintained in the field; helping to cut down the cost of installation and maintenance. Our products are built with our customers in mind, and always welcome input from the people who use them.

We have an expectation of quality that is over and above most other manufacturers, and that quality is shown in every product that leaves our facility. If you want a partner that brings solutions specifically aimed at solving your unique plant issues then give Peninsula Crushers Works and opportunity to earn your business; you won’t be disappointed.


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Peninsula Crusher Works is the leader in the northwest repairing crushers & producing replacement parts. We receive crushers being shipped in from as far away as Minnesota and Hawaii. Be it press work, Overlay (hard facing), machining, shaft replacement, bearing seat rebuild, or crack repair; with our onsite engineering staff we can keep your down time to a minimum and make it cost effective to repair older machinery. With our machine shop and fabrication shop capacities we can repair and manufacture new parts from the smallest sizes up to 150,000 lbs.

Our machine shop is the largest capacity private machine shop in Oregon and we conform to rigid quality standards and TQM (Total Quality Management) principles, addressing ISO 9000 classifications to ensure that our jobs are completed correctly - not the second time, not the third, but the first time.